Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dog-Friendly Downtown Press Release

Melanie and I (Adrianna), have sent out a press release officially announcing the Dog-Friendly Downtown program to local media. If you know of another dog-friendly business in downtown Saratoga Springs, please let them know about the program. They can contact either Melanie or myself.

The PR is as follows:

(Saratoga Springs, NY) – Sloppy Kisses, the area’s premier dog bakery and designer pet boutique, and Saratoga Arts are launching a Dog-Friendly Downtown (DFD) program in Saratoga Springs. Anyone who strolls Downtown Saratoga can’t help but notice the number of dogs enjoying their daily walk. However, dog owners are somewhat limited as to where they can go with their dogs in tow. “The goal of the DFD program is to expand dog hospitability to more businesses,” commented Melanie Dallas, owner of Sloppy Kisses which has welcomed four-legged shoppers into her Broadway boutique since opening in February 2006. “By welcoming dogs, business owners can attract more customers into their stores that hopefully will result in an increase in sales,” said Dallas.

Dog owners will be able to identify dog-friendly businesses via a window decal that will be prominently displayed by participating businesses (see attached DFD decal). In addition, participating businesses will be listed on the Dog-Friendly Downtown website (, included in a map of downtown denoting dog-friendly businesses, listed on local shopping websites as well as national pet-friendly travel sites. There is no cost to participate in the DFD program. Sloppy Kisses and Saratoga Arts underwrite program costs.

The DFD program is open to all Downtown Saratoga Springs businesses including retail establishments, hotels, restaurants with outdoor dining options and even art galleries. Saratoga Arts at The Arts Center has a dog-friendly gallery space where visitors can see some of the region’s highest-quality contemporary art. To participate in the DFD program, contact Melanie Dallas at Sloppy Kisses (587- 2207) or Adrianna Flax at the Saratoga Arts (584-4132). Any restrictions that may be required by participating businesses will be noted on all DFD literature and on the DFD website.

A DFD launch event is being planned for Spring 2010. Interested businesses must sign-up by December 1st to be included in the initial rollout of the DFD program.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Melanie Dallas, (518) 587-2207 or Adrianna Flax, (518) 584-4132

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  1. Ice House in Saratoga next to the library allows dogs outside on the patio. Its not too packed during the days and good environment.